The Truth About Those Stubborn Acne

Our troubles and immaturity from our teen years are long gone: we’ve gotten over our insecurities, half of our goals we’ve already reached, and somehow, we are stable financially, emotionally, socially—but for some reason, when you look into the mirror, you are reminded of the breakouts you used to have when you were 16 because they have left several acne scars on your face that are screaming for some treatment. And now that you are older, you know your skin is less able to heal and recover, “Aging causes our skin to be less elastic and weaker. When we were younger, an acne wound can heal in just less than 2 weeks, but now that we are over 30, we need to exert extra effort to help our skin bring back its natural glow,” said Dr. Emma Parsons, a dermatologist who has done several successful acne scar treatment to her patient over the years in Singapore.  Continue reading “The Truth About Those Stubborn Acne”


Distributors and their Roles in the Healthcare World

This is where the significance of a distributor comes in. They are the middlemen between the manufacturers and the purchasers.

When we talk about health care supplies, it does not only concern the government sector but also the private sectors. We have to remember that within one city or town, hospitals are composed of both the public and private hospitals and sometimes even run by NGOs. There are countries, however, where most hospitals are run by their government. Nevertheless, medical supplies are needed in order to fulfill their goals as a health care sector.

The question of where they get their medical supplies is a question that we are to answer. Depending on the state that you are in, there is a bidding process within the hospital or with the government entities where the quality and quantity of the needed supplies are being listed. There would be various sellers or manufacturers of these healthcare equipment, gadget, supplies and even pharmaceutical items like medicine. What they do is to make a list of these manufacturers who sells those needed supplies and whoever wins the bid or whatever brand the administration decides on, they communicate with the distributor of such brand of such supply.

This is where the significance of a distributor comes in. They are the middlemen between the manufacturers and the purchasers. A medical device distributor knows how to manage the inputs and outputs of these medical supplies. Most of the time, these medical distributors are exclusively distributing for a certain brand or brands and as such, they should be licensed. This is true with medical device or supplies or equipment of the hospital and the areas within. When it comes to the pharmacy, pharmaceutical supplies distributor is the corresponding distributor.

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