Reasons Why You Should be Getting A Travel Insurance Now

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There are so many rational and significant reasons why you should get a travel insurance now—whether you are travelling frequently or would only go on domestic or international trips on rare occasions. Your safety should always come first and that is the prime reason why travel insurance companies exist. Marga Shallom, who admittedly shared that it took her a while to get her own travel insurance despite being an executive of a travel agency who happens to go abroad several times a year, said she made a very thorough and long comparison of travel insurance firms before she finally entrusted her account to one company, “ The only time I changed my mind about getting a travel insurance was when my best friend had a major accident while she was touring Prague. It took her a while to contact us back home, and she was so scared to travel again. It was at that moment that I searched for all those brochures that were sent to my office and I started to compare travel insurance services.”  Continue reading “Reasons Why You Should be Getting A Travel Insurance Now”

Benefits of International Calling Cards When Travelling

Communicating with people back home whenever you are out of the country can be a little costly. In most cases, making global calls can put a huge dent on your travel budget. This is why it would be more ideal if you will purchase a few international calling cards to help you spend less whenever you have to make an international call.

Whenever you plan to travel to a different country, it would be a good idea to purchase prepaid calling cards once you reach your destination so you can easily make a call back home or call someone from another part of the world. This will be better than changing your usual SIM card to your destination’s local network to avoid the skyrocketing charges when using your mobile provider’s international roaming option.

Most international calling service provider nowadays will allow you to call from any parts of the globe just about any landline or mobile phone using your favourite device. It can also be used by various Internet apps like Skype or Google Voice which normally put a minimum charge on top of an Internet connection. With the help of prepaid international calling cards, you can easily call back your family, your friends, colleagues, or staff anytime you like without worrying about the usually expensive rates.  Continue reading “Benefits of International Calling Cards When Travelling”

Importance of Insurance when Travelling

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Travelling, of course, is one the best ways on how we can spend our valuable roster days off. Sometimes we even tend to save up for such occasions so we can travel to a luxurious place where we can enjoy it more. People can actually get more savings if they consider on getting a travel insurance. Either cheap or expensive packages, it can definitely help people out on savings specially in times of unwanted disasters that can cut their vacations short. One good and most common example is a cancelled or a delayed flight. When it comes to travelling, we normally plan ahead with regards to our accommodation and reservations to make sure everything goes well as planned. But with such unanticipated scenarios, we end up cancelling our reservations which may cost us the fee for the reservation. Travel insurance can reimburse you for such inconvenience that may occur.  Continue reading “Importance of Insurance when Travelling”

Outdoor Activities to Bring Parents and their Children Closer Together

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There is an old saying that blood is thicker than water and this rings true and flies straight like an arrow because people can always count on their family members to have their back and support them no matter what through the good times and the bad. Fake friends will leave and abandon them without batting an eye and a second thought when the going gets tough and some may even lead them astray by getting them hooked on prohibited substances as well as getting tangled up in a life of crime. But people can always count on their family to take them to the best Singapore tackle shop,    give them excellent advice about life while fishing and point them in the right direction that they should follow in order to reach their biggest dreams and loftiest dreams in life because they only want what is best for their loved ones.  Continue reading “Outdoor Activities to Bring Parents and their Children Closer Together”