Why Making Global Calls is Important

A lot of things happen in everyday life. We wake up, go to work, and experience different things. Naturally, we long to find someone to talk to.


However, since most people today would like to find adventure, we would find some of our friends or even our significant others miles away from us. Sometimes, they are even overseas! So what do we do? We make global calls. This is the main reason why international calling cards could be really a buddy to you.


What we need to know is this: we are so lucky because communication across states and across nations is already very affordable. In addition, we no longer need to look out for phone booths. Calling is so easy and convenient and is already very accessible too!


Now, in a world where technology has taken over and we literally just have to tap a button to connect to the world, why is it important for us to consider not just chatting or emailing people, but making actual phone calls?


Here is why making a global call or connecting via traditional methods is still acceptable:


First, most people are not always online.


Yes, you could be shocked at this statement but, really, there is still a huge number of individuals that are not always dependent on the Internet.  They still prefer to experience life as it happiness.


As such, shuts off their smartphones or their personal computers. This means that if you do like chatting, then there is a high chance that your message would not be read.


Second, there are people who do not share the same apps with you.


We all know how a smart phone works. In order to enjoy the perks of easier and cheaper communication, you need to download certain applications. But the thing is, there are already a great number of apps for communication available for free download. This means that unless you and your friends have agreed into something, there is a huge chance that you have different communication apps installed in your phone. That means no  communication, too. Ironic.


Third, emails and other chatting devices or tools cannot guarantee reading of messages.


We all know that there are notifications that alerts an individual should a message comes in, but get this: since a lot of people already rely on it, the tendency is that a person mailbox would be loaded with hundreds of messages. Would a person really read that? Probably not.


Fourth, the Internet sometimes get erratic.


So, here is the truth: different countries offer varying Internet plans and speeds. It may be shocking but there are countries where Internet is not so good. This means that if you choose to communicate via this method, there is a chance you would not connect,  or you would get disrupted in between.


Lastly, calling gets someone’s attention right away.


Probably the best benefit calling can give is that you are able to take hold of a person outright. Any individual can choose not to pay attention to emails or just ignore chats, but when it comes to a phone ring, especially if it’s corporate, then they always pick up.

The Best Insurance for the Most Dangerous Ride

Driving is among the most dangerous but at the same time most  common and routine activities of the modern age. Despite the almost common knowledge that vehicular accidents are a major cause of accidents, injuries, and even death, driving cannot simply be avoided. Road traffic related incidents rank as the 9th leading cause of death and account for 2.2% of all deaths globally and the second leading cause of death worldwide among young people ages 5-14. Nearly 400,000 people under 25 die on the world’s roads, at an average of over 1,000 deaths per day. And this is excluding the number of those injured or permanently disabled due to road accidents which is close to thrice the figure.


And if these are car-related cases, imagine the scenario for motorcycles which is arguably far a more dangerous vehicle. If it is critical to understand and avail a car insurance, it is even more critical to find the best motorcycle insurance simply because there is more likelihood of getting into an accident and even more probable possibility of needing health or medical care in cases of motorcycle accidents.


First the basics. Since a motorcycle is also a form of vehicle, any motorcycle insurance operates the same way as any typical car insurance and a typical car insurance is general of two common type. A comprehensive insurance covers extensive physical damage to car and passengers including repair and replacement of car unit and death, medical and health care costs of the passengers. Comprehensive car and motorcycle insurance packages in Singapore include coverage costs of damage due to vandalism, fire, wind and other non-accident causes and even provides complete replacement in the event of theft. Newer comprehensive insurance policies even have “act of god” coverage for costs of damage due to natural events such as storm, cyclones, flood and other natural disasters.


And then there accident insurance which is basically a lesser coverage than comprehensive insurance policies since it only covers bodily injury liability which means financial costs that comes with injury or death including legal costs against a driver if their vehicle is involved in an accident that injures or kills someone. Some accident insurance policies also act like medical insurance which will pay for cost of treatments for injuries to driver and occupants of the vehicle involved in an accident.  Today, uninsured motorist protection are being widely offered by Singapore insurance firms and it covers injuries caused to driver or occupants of a car by uninsured or hit-and-run drivers, and other claims against a driver who has inadequate insurance.

Due to the high likelihood of getting into a motorcycle accident or the more probable injuries, comprehensive insurance is still the more ideal motorcycle insurance policy in Singapore. However, it can be quite costly. When working with a tight budget then, it is important to consider study insurance packages and exclude the coverage you do not exactly need. If for example your vehicle is an older version, getting the basic third party coverage and skipping full coverage may be a better option.  Also, some additional services and options such as unlimited windscreen coverage and freedom of choice when choosing repair shops may be unnecessary and could be skipped for cheaper options.

And of course, it is important to understand your options. This often requires research. Considering the multitude of car and motorcycle insurance companies in Singapore, it is important to shop around and compare costs using on-line services such as request for quotations. For instance,  some Singapore insurance firms might offer low-mileage for motorcylces and vehicles which are used sparingly. Such an insurance is significantly cheaper than regular automobile insurance coverage.







Although car insurance coverage or premium normally varies depending on the car such that insuring a high-performance car can easily cost two or three times the insurance amount for an ordinary model. In other words, more “expensive cars” generally entail more expensive   car insurance. But this is not due to the value of the car per se. For instance, driving luxury cars costs more because of the higher risk involved in driving high speed vehicles. The typical insurance coverage of luxury cars on the other hand costs more because replacement costs are obviously higher than cost of replacing regular vehicles.  Sport-utility vehicles (SUV) which are growing in popularity in Singapore, often have higher insurance rates than mid- and full-size cars, since they are frequently stolen vehicles and most SUVs cost more to fix after an accident due to the 4-wheel-drive system which is a common feature of such automobile models.  For the best insurance coverage for your lifestyle, type of vehicle and needs, it is best to consult a reputable car insurance company and compare the many available packages in the market.


Lifestyle Changes that Will Lead to a Healthier You

The modern world dictates and forces people to move at a breakneck, frenzied and frenetic pace especially in their respective careers and professions because if they move too slowly and fail to make the necessary moves to succeed, they will never reach the top and enjoy the finer things that come with the good life. While it is commendable and praiseworthy for people to give their best effort in every little thing that they do because nobody likes lazy slackers who waste their time each day, these people are chasing their dreams at the expense of their mental, physical and emotional health. They are living fast-paced and unhealthy lifestyles because of their busy schedules and one of the first things to deteriorate is their balanced diet as they choose fast food and unhealthy snacks over the wide selections that are offered in the best organic shop in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Japan.

Instead of planting and consuming organic chia seeds that do wonders for their mind and body, these people stuff their faces with greasy burgers, salty French fries, oily pizza and Chinese take-outs that are loaded with preservatives and other nasty ingredients that poison them from the inside out. And because they are always in a rush due to the fact that they do not want to be late for work and other appointments, they rarely walk and they do not have the time to exercise for a few minutes each day. Sooner or later, their bad habits will catch up to them and they will end up with a long list of health problems that will make their doctors shake their head in disapproval and disappointment.

But everything is not yet too late because with minor adjustments to their lifestyle as well as a major attitude adjustment, they can turn their life around and become a better version of themselves in mind, body and soul.

Exercise Everyday

                Young people might think that they are still young and strong but Father Time will catch up with them soon enough and they will soon feel the ravaging effects of aging like stiff joints, muscle aches and crippling fatigue. Therefore, they should wake up early and go to the gym as they start pumping iron and lifting weights to tone their muscles and shape their physique. They should also jog every day and do other cardiovascular exercises to burn the excess fat in their problems areas and lose weight in the process.

Watch What You Eat

                Instead of filling the pantry and refrigerator with potato chips, chocolate bars, sweetcakes and other unhealthy snacks, people should eat more fruits, lean meat, vegetables and other fresh organic products from Singapore because they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that are good for the body.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

                When they feel that they are close to the edge because their frayed and frazzled nerves are stressing them out, people should learn to step back, relax and unwind so that their mind and body can rest and recharge for a little while. They should surround themselves with friends and family who make them laugh and smile because people who are happier are often healthier as well

What Travel Insurance to Get

Travelling enriches a person. The appeal of meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and ways of life or simply being in  a new place are forms of discoveries that broadens a persons worldview. Although the inclination to go places has been an almost natural human inclination, it has even become even more appealing due to communication-information  technology that has provided conveniences that were absent in the past. Plane booking, hotel reservations, price canvassing were stressful parts of travelling that took away from the whole appeal of going places. Today however all of this can be easily done over the net especially with a plethora of on-line travel services.

As such, there has been an exponential increase in migration, tourist and other transnational cross-border movements in the last 5 years. A quick survey of travel agencies show that there has been a 30% increase in visa applications.

But one dimension of travelling that cannot be completely detached is the risk. Travelling is a high risk activity. Health, medical and other physical risks, even mental stress, are eventual consequences of change in geographical and social environments in addition to growing threats of natural calamities and terrorism anywhere in the world.

Travel insurance can help reduce the risks and the stress of travelling.  But this still depends on the kind of insurance package or coverage. A wrong insurance package with a bad company can only compound the problems of travelling.

Generally, a comprehensive insurance package is the most ideal coverage since it extensively covers all possible costs of accidents and other risks. This means it covers medical, health treatment, even death. Some comprehensive insurance companies in Singapore provide more coverages against acts of criminality and natural calamities. A number of on-line Singapore travel insurance companies even provide packages that cover emergency refunds or rebooking fees. Other than comprehensive insurance, there are also less costly insurance coverage packages that will pay only for medical and health costs. More specific packages offered by Singaporean insurance companies include hospitalization coverage. When travelling by road, there are more particular insurance packages that combine premiums of car and travel insurance by providing accident coverage for driver and car as well as other third party liabilities. A few Singapore travel insurance firms even offers family insurance packages for medical and health liabilities.

The most practical recourse in choosing the best comprehensive insurance policy is to conduct insurance packages comparisons of different companies including the amount and terms of payment vis-à-vis the benefits. Annual payments tend to costly considering the one-time lump sum payment but there are Singapore insurance companies that offer alternatives such as quarterly and monthly terms.

And then too, it is important to consider the nature of travel activities and destinations. When doing a travel insurance comparisons, it is also important to factor high crime rates.  When travelling to countries with travel notices from local foreign affairs offices are it is better to have a comprehensive travel insurance coverage. If, travelling during stormy seasons or in bad weather, it would be wise to have to have a policy that would cover re-booking fees since flight cancellations and delays are very likely to happen. In terms of activities, those planning to engage in extreme recreational outdoor activities need more extensive travel insurance coverage than those who only plan to travel for a quick business activity.

Things you need before your first motor bike ride

A lot of motor bike owners admitted that they were not able to take care of their first motorcycle. This is due to the fact that lacking in experience when it comes to handling things can greatly impact how long they last, specially for vehicles. Riding a motor bike without a proper checklist, regular maintenance, and important dos and don’ts, the supposed life expectancy of a vehicle is greatly at risk. Not only that, lack of experience is in fact, one of the leading causes of motor bike accidents. Many accidents here in Singapore are caused by mishandling which resulted to irreparable damage and only standard motor bike insurance can cover.


We should always remember we should not only value our lives, but also the ones around us. Here are the things that you need to do before your first drive:


Make sure that you are properly geared – Accidents can really happen, especially when we are least expecting it. We must always be equipped with proper gears and protective items to ensure that we take minimum damage if ever an accident would occur. Regular clothes and denim cannot protect you at all in a crash. A helmet to resist concussion, boots to protect the feet and ankles, gloves for our hands, pants for lower extremity, and leather jackets for our torso – all of it must be high in quality to increase the chances of our survival in such unwanted occurrence. Though it may be much more expensive, it can really be a worthy experience since it can protect us from harm better, and is usually more durable.


Pre-ride inspection is a must – Everyday we use our bike, we must check for any kind of malfunction first. This pre-ride check up can not only save your life, but others as well. Double check if there are any problems with the brakes. Then move on to the signal lights, as they are important to let other drivers in the road know whenever you are turning right, left, or stopping. The headlight is also important specially in the night where the road is quite dark. It the incoming traffic see you as well. Next is to check the chains. The best way to do this is to spin the rear wheel and check if the chains are firmly attached and moving. Afterwards, check the tires if they still have good air pressure; it should not be too high and should not be too low. And lastly, check if you have enough fuel for your destination. You would not want to be stranded a couple of miles away from a gas station for a tank refill.


Get it serviced for maintenance regularly – If this is your first bike, then chances are you are not yet that familiar when it comes to regular maintenance that motor bikes should undergo such as oil and filter change, maintaining the chain tension, changing the spark plugs, or even when it comes to properly cleaning the bike itself. There are many other routine maintenance that should be done specially for newer bikes. It would be best to get your motor bike serviced for maintenance instead if you do not know much about it yet and you can even learn a thing or two from whoever is going to take care of your bike.

Travel Insurance Comparison Tips for Senior Travelers

Looking for a travel insurance for your next trip? If you have an existing medical condition or are already in your senior years, you probably are most worried about the coverage you can get.


First things first, take note that it’s very important to be honest about your health. This way, you’ll also gather recommendations that fit your specific needs. It will also be easier for you to decide later on which insurance policy to go for.


You’ll need to declare any medical condition so the customer service team, in turn, can also provide you with an appropriate quote. As you compare travel insurance inclusions, here are items you’ll want to look out for.


Medical coverage.  When you are over the age of 60, the first question you need to ask the insurance team is the level of coverage they can provide for medical treatment. This includes repatriation coverage in the event you’ll need to be transported back to your home country. Your travel insurance policy  should help you cover medical treatments you may need while you are travelling to a foreign land.


Limit on number of trips.  If you are a frequent traveller, you’re most likely out of the country several times in a year. When doing a travel insurance comparison, be sure to ask the insurance provider if they’re setting a limit on the number of trips you can only take annually. It’s best to go for an insurance plan that will not limit your travel plans. While you’re at it, inquire as well about the number of days you can use for each trip. It’s natural for insurance providers to set the number of days for each trip, but no worries if you’re looking to an extend travel period.


Coverage for family. If you’re planning to go with the entire family, then you may want to ask about their rates for special family packages. This can cover not only you and your partner but your kids as well. Do ask as well about the age requirements they allow. If you get to buy cheap travel insurance, you’ll also be able to save money. All that with peace of mind that everyone in the family is insured for your trips.


Coverage for personal belongings. What items are you planning to carry with you on your travel? Of course it’s not recommended to travel with expensive jewelry or accessories but bringing gadgets for recording the  trip is a must for many. That said, inquire if laptops and digital cameras you’re taking can be included in the travel insurance policy.


Coverage for travel delays. What if one of your flights get delayed? What will happen to the accommodation you booked? This can be stressful especially if you’re stuck within days, unable to travel. But with a complete insurance policy, you’re sure you’ll do fine. You’ll not have to worry about covering the cost of your fare and accommodation.


Traveling is for all ages! As seniors though, you may have different needs for your insurance policy. Take note of these factors as you compare insurance plans. And don’t be afraid to ask if there’s something you’re unsure about.

How Life Coach Training can Help You Become a Better Person

Sometimes we get to that where we no longer know where we’re headed, what we’re supposed to do with our life.


If you ever felt stuck and have managed your way out of it, then good for you. But for some, this has caused them to struggle and even doubt about their personal capabilities. If you are among these people, you may need the help of a life coach.


There’s an assumption that life coaches tell you what exactly you need to do. This isn’t true. Life coaches are great listeners. They also asks questions to clients to help them decide which way to go. They don’t provide instant solutions. Rather, they help bring out the best in every person so they can get back up and improve their lives.


Here are more ways how working with a life coach in Singapore can help you.


Improve your awareness. Life coaches do not only listen to what you say. They pay attention to your story but more than that, they also study your language patterns and your way of thinking. By doing this, they’re able to connect with you better and later on help you so you can reframe your thoughts or think on a different pattern. And by doing so, eventually you will be able to identify possible solutions to issues you may be enduring at the moment. Remember that life coach training is not designed to  spoon feed you. They provide support so you can identify perspectives you may be missing out on and explore them further.


Change the way you think. The train of thoughts that brought you the spot you’re in right now will most likely not help you find your way out there. Meaning, if your way of thinking is limited, you may be giving yourself an even harder time. This leads to the feeling of being stuck in one place but there’s a way you can move forward. During life coaching sessions in Singapore, you’re asked questions so you can see through small details or avoid being too critical about the situation. They inspire and encourage you to think differently, taking a different path from that which created the problem you have, in the first place.


Be independent and responsible for your own actions. You may be thinking what happens now once a session with a life coach ends. While the session may have ended, the good thing with skilled life coaches is that they train clients to foster accountability with the help of a support system. They help clients feel empowered to take control of their own life, to do away with the excuses and instead focus on their priorities. Note that there is no hypnosis involved in any life coaching session! It’s all in the client’s hands, of course with the guidance of the coach.


For all your questions about life, chances are you already have the answer within you. You only need someone to help you build the courage to chase after your goals. Get started improving your life, living a better you by working with a life coach. It’s never too late!