Avoid These During Home Renovation: Singapore Edition

If there is one thing I have learned about home renovation, it is that it could be both exciting and stressful. It requires plenty of time and extra care—sometimes even more than building a new home. While the thought of transforming your old space into a new cozy adorable space, there are a lot of things you should take into consideration and impulses you might want to avoid to ensure that you achieve the end result of your planned home renovation. Singapore homes can be a piece of work especially if you have space limitations and set budget you have to stick to. Although do-it-yourself tips on the Internet can be tempting, home renovation is just one of the things you have to entrust to experts especially if you have the least idea of the things you could be doing wrong. Continue reading “Avoid These During Home Renovation: Singapore Edition”


Pros & Cons of Prepaid & Unlimited Mobile Broadband

Internet is truly a necessity nowadays, and indeed, no-one can begin their day without it. Because of cutting-edge technology, internet connection while on-the-go has become made easily accessible and economical to everyone. However, the question that stays now is whether they should opt for unlimited mobile broadband which is under a binding contract, or to just go for a pay-as-you-go broadband service that allows the user to opt out at anytime. Both have their pros and cons, so let’s take a look at them to help you decide what’s right for your needs.

Prepaid Mobile Broadband

The Pros:

• Pay only for the services you need

Ideal for frequent travellers or for those who just want to get more value out of their hard-earned bucks, prepaid mobile broadband allows for the flexibility of letting you pay only for what you need. It lets you work on a budget that you have set and allows you to change your mobile broadband plan as often as you’d like. For instance, you might just want basic surfing for this month which would use up about 2 to 3 GB of data, and in the next month, if you want to upgrade to a higher data usage allowance, you are able to do so without any contract changes or penalties. Aside from the data allocation purchased for regular internet usage, you can top-up data on your favourite chat apps to make sure you are always connected to your social circles, no matter what.

• Long Expiry Dates

You don’t need to worry about the value of your account expiring; prepaid mobile broadband credits have long expiry dates, allowing you to go as you please. And when the expiry date is nearing, a simple top-up can prolong the duration of the remaining data available.

The Cons:

• Disconnection once amount is used up

The only disadvantage of prepaid mobile broadband is that you always need to top-up to make sure that your service is never discontinued. You always have to look for nearby retailers who sell prepaid top-up cards, or better yet, always be ready with a few in hand to avoid being disconnected.

Unlimited Mobile Broadband

The Pros:

• Unlimited

Unlimited mobile broadband plans takes out the worry of your data allowance being used up. You no longer have to subconsciously monitor your usage and fear that your prepaid credits will run out. There is no need to go out to buy prepaid cards to top-up. One price is all you need to pay once a month for unlimited internet access that allows you to do anything.

• Some of the best promos are available only for contract subscribers

Promos, for example free devices or discount rates on newly-released products are usually available simply to contract subscribers. Payments are dispersed out on the time period of the contract, allowing the consumers to own high-end devices bundled with ultra-fast broadband at affordable prices.

The Cons:

• Contract

Unlimited mobile broadband plans usually bind the subscriber to a contract for a year or more, depending on the provider. Termination prior to the contract ends will incur penalty charges for the consumer so it is best to carefully think things through if you are willing to stick to the same plan and provider for a long period of time

How to Shop for Car Insurance

Let’s be honest, shopping for insurance can be a bit intimidating. For a lot of people, it truly is. But the truth is, you just need a basic process to guide you. Here are the best tips for making car insurance shopping more manageable for you!


  • Do Your Research

You wouldn’t want to tie yourself to a car insurance company you don’t know much about. You could start your research by asking your family and friends where they got theirs. Also check with your employer if they’re affiliated with any car insurance company. You might be able to know about discounts by asking around. Check for how long they have been with the company, how satisfied they are with the rates, and if the customer service is good. Also make sure that your potential car insurance company is licensed – you can ask your local government about this.


  • Use A Comparison Site

A comparison site can help automate your search by getting details about your needs. However, you could waste money when doing this – a lot of comparison sites charge extra when you switch through them. There are comparison sites that offer cash back when you switch through them. Look around online – you should be able to find one! That could save you more money.


  • Do It Online

Speaking of looking around online, consider an insurance company that sells their products online. It means they have modernized their services and will likely respond to your needs more quickly. Because they don’t have the overhead expenses of traditional insurance companies, they will be cheaper, too. Online car insurance companies are savvier and have better customer service.


  • Get It Directly From The Insurance Company

Most car insurance companies in Singapore utilise agents and brokers to sell insurance. As convenient as it is to have them go directly to you, you will also be paying more. Dealing with brokers and agents prove to be more expensive because of added expenses such as commissions and administrative fees


  • Compare Quotes

When you look for car insurance online, it’s not enough to know the service quality and reliability of the company. Many car insurance sites can provide quotes – all you need to do is to provide your details and they can generate the quotes for you. Get quotes from three to ten different companies so that you can have good coverage of comparison.


  • Find Car Insurance Discounts

There’s almost always a discount for anything! Request for discounts that are applicable to your profile and needs so that you can save up on money.


  • Pick The Right Policy For You

Car insurance sites can provide different policies for you. It would help if you have listed down your needs and priorities so that choosing would be faster for you. You can change and update the coverage in your quotes until you are satisfied with the options.
Good car insurance companies will make it easy for customers to shop and select the best car insurance policies. Doing it online will let you get your car insurance in a jiffy! Easy to look around and compare, too. Just remember these tips, and you’ll be able to get the best car insurance plan for you.

Things You Need To Know About Insurance

If you have notice nowadays, there are a lot of people who are into the motorcycle craze for a lot of reasons; that is why it is very important that they should also get insurance.  There are a lot of people nowadays who are also adamant in taking insurance because there are a lot of things that they need to prioritize like their life insurance or their housing insurance. But it is still imperative to get motorbike insurance if you own one because of the benefits that you can get and this is especially true in Singapore. The best thing about having motorbike insurance is that you can go anywhere with it and roam the streets without any hesitation.

We know all the hullabaloos that can get in your way if you suddenly met an accident using your motorbike. It would really cost a lot on your end but what is worst is the fact that you don’t have insurance. You know that you are actually in charge of all the medical costs if you ran into someone.  In other instances, you might be using the vintage model of a motorbike but you parked it an unsecure area and it got stolen, it would still be best if you have insurance to cover for it. If you are also the type of person who values his motorcycle too much, it would be best if you have it insured as well. You will never know if you might benefit from it in the future.

There can a lot of benefits that you can take advantage of when you have your motorcycle insured. The first benefit that you can get is of course, your safety while on the road. I have actually mentioned it on the first part of this article that you will be able to be assured that you got everything covered when you are on the road when you are insured. We are all hoping that we do not get to meet accidents while we are on the road but it would still be safer if you got insurance.

The second thing that you can get when you have it insured is the fact that you can use this for maintenance. Just like the car insurance, you are actually assured that any damage that has been done to your motorbike will surely be covered by the insurance company. That would still depend though on the type of package that you get. If you get the premium ones for sure you will be able to get the better service.

Lastly, if you get the motorcycle insurance, you are also assured of the fact that you can use it for road side assistance. There are a lot of insurance companies who have a lot of branches worldwide. You can easily contact their service centres when you need any assistance when you need them.

There have been a lot of words that has been said regarding insurance agencies but at the end of the day, there is nothing more worth fulfilling than feeling secure wherever you go. The assurance that you will not feel any pressure when accidents happen along the way.





Why You Need a Data Center in Singapore

Are you reading this article in your phone right now? Like, really are you? We can bet that there is about a high chance that you do things using your smart phones than your laptop, correct? Well, that is totally understandable. A mobile phone is a lot lighter and easier to manage. As long as the battery is running and you have a power bank with you, then you can keep on communicating or doing your job anywhere and anytime.


If you wondered why we ask, it is because we would like to say that all of us are actually really dependent on technology now. Personally, we really look at how much social media can do for our relationships and for our updating. We think we need social media as a means for us to store data: the usual notes, photos, or anything. But inasmuch as we need it for our daily tasks, we know that data processing can really be much more important in terms of business or commerce


Just look around you and visit any business-related establishment. You will notice one thing:  they make use of computers and the Internet. What we can all deem from this is that everything now happens interconnectedly. Businesses branch out in different places and in order to service their clients well and in real time—that is instantly, anywhere—businesses or institutions would need to be able to access a single source of data or files. Thus, it is important that any establishment has a data centre. Singapore is a fast growing economy and given that situation, if there is any place that would need to put emphasis on network connection, then that is Singapore. And we know how important a connection is not just because of timely exchange of information, but because business processes happen instantly when system connection is reliant. Thus, the use of business broadband and the promotion related to it is rampant in the country. Everybody needs a  good and fast Internet connection. That is one thing that is for sure. And if you want to keep your clients, you need to service them efficiently. Just imagine if the Internet signal is intermittent, how can different branches or industries be able to exchange information immediately? Moreover, as we transact hundreds of dealings daily which involve personal and sensitive information, we would need to store them appropriately for fast and easy nationwide access. This would make our business flow smooth and accurate. But of course we need a connection that is secured thus, if you would look for a data centre provider or Internet service professionals, you need to consider several factors:  price and their credibility.


It is actual very easy to look for them today. You can get information online. You just need to talk to their representatives and check their reviews. You can talk to as many agents as you want so you can better compare the packages they offer. You need time for this so you do not have to rush.


Maintaining Your Business’s Fast Broadband Speed

If you often find yourself staring at a spinning circle in the middle of a blank screen, you’re either hypnotizing yourself, or more likely, your broadband connection’s slowing you down. With data centers in Singapore carrying a huge load on the back of the country’s emerging business industries, you can expect huge competition with bandwidth.

Competing in an online market will be very difficult if your business continues to utilize slow connections. Having difficulty getting those speeds up? Here are a few tips that can help you:

  1. Get to know your broadband

Check the specifications of your modem. What is your maximum speed? Oftentimes, speeds will be hyped when advertised. For example, an ad would say “with speeds up to 17 Mb”, which would most likely mean that regular speeds would be slower. The same applies for fiber connections. If you are unsure of how fast your connection actually is, run a speed test. Like a doctor running tests in order to provide the best diagnosis, and eventually a cure, speed tests can help identify how bad the situation is, or if there is even a situation to begin with. You might’ve just been running at the best possible speeds your broadband connection can afford.

  1. Stay updated

Check all your apps and programs for updates. Browsers are being updated all the time and using the most recent versions can greatly reduce download times and time spent idle while surfing the net. Not only should you check and update your browser, check your anti-virus software as well. Viruses and worms can cause your device to slow down. Keeping your security updated can help prevent this from happening. With all your programs updated, explore and customize their settings for optimum performance. If after all these updates and changes your browser and anti-virus software continue to underperform, consider switching altogether.

  1. Fix wiring and sockets

With all the buzz with the latest gadgets and software, wiring and sockets are often forgotten. Consider them as the blood and bone of your connection. Poorly maintained extension cables are among the major causes of slow broadband speeds. Consult with experts and identify the best hardware to use so as to improve your connectivity.

  1. Talk with the experts

Most of the time, the simplest solutions are the best ones. If you are not getting the speeds promised by your ISP, give them a call. All ISPs have customer service and most of them have them available for your                 queries 24/7. Talk to them and explain to them in clear terms what the problem is. You can simply ask them to identify if there’s a problem with line and if there was, could they take steps to fix it. Inquire if there are new broadband promotions for business available as you might be enrolled in an outdated package. It is important for you to be clear and specific with your demands and patient and respectful in asking about them. Hot headedness will get you nowhere.

  1. Find something better

Now, if all else fail, maybe it’s time to move on. If despite all your effort to do the above, your broadband speeds still as slow as a turtle in a traffic jam, consider changing your ISP altogether. Search the net for top-rated ISPs. Check user feedback and recommendations from reputable sources. Sometimes all you need is thorough research to find the provider that can meet your business’s needs.


The important thing is to be knowledgeable. Always ask if what you’re getting is what your money’s worth, and if the speed’s not enough, take action! Don’t get left behind in the fast-paced online competition!

Why Accounting Courses Here in Singapore is the Best Choice

When vacation is over, most of the freshly baked from school youngsters are going to surf online and look through all the different choices that might actually give them a clear picture of what kind of jobs or even careers they would want to go after.
We all know that choosing what career or get is something very crucial. It does not just start there; moreover, it also entails a lot of effort in landing it as well. Imagine, trying to actually sit down and identify what you would really want to go after. When you find out what you truly want, you will need to list down the things you are good at. It doesn’t have to be a completely detailed plan but this needs to be actually spot on that you are making a choice with great potential; the right choice. For example, if you like numbers and really good at it, would you really consider taking a course related to accounting?


These courses is actually one of the most sought after courses compared to other most known ones and in as much as it is popular, is it is also one of the most challenging. Why is this so, you might ask, why is this such a greatly demanded course of education among young people? It’s Simple. For most of the ones that like the course, they will see this as a course that is very much in demand in any industry today.
If you look at any type of agency or enterprises today, for that matter, you would see that they require monitoring of all their financial transactions. Everything needs to be listed down and recorded, you monitor your assets, balance your debits or credits. Though it may even sound simple a lot of people, it most definitely isn’t. Accounting for any company, especially the big ones, need extremely detailed technical knowledge and skills. Most importantly, it would need specialised training which cannot be given or acquired only by being self-learnt or by enrolling in random online courses.


A person who wants to be part of the accounting or any finance industry would need to invest a lot of time and effort to study and learn. In addition, it would even require intense dedication and commitment. A lot of students would say that learning this course would sometimes require them to engage in long discussions and even sleepless nights. This only means that the responsibility is too high. You know, a good financing can really make a business boom and grow exponentially. Or let if fall down the financial sink hole fast if they’re not too careful.


So if you actually want to do the best and only the best in what you want to do, then you need to choose an institution that will give you only the best training. It is no surprise students inquire from universities that offer accounting course specially here in Singapore.


We all know that this country is one of the best places that grows its income and economy quicker than any other country. Singapore is also open to international transactions and trading. This will only mean that the quality of education from this country can be expected to be at par with global requirements.