Build Your Own Slice of Heaven from the Ground Up

Instead of going for tacky, cheap and substandard tiles when renovating the patio, people should consider using composite timber decking material for their home improvement needs. Here are other tips and pieces of advice for homeowners who want to turn their ordinary houses into something special and soothing that will shelter and embrace them at the end of a hard day.

After a long, hot and sweltering day sowing their oats in the field or working long hours in the office as a white-collar, corporate drone, the working class would love nothing more than to kick off their work boots, rub their calloused feet and enjoy some quality time with their friends and family over some good food and even better wine. But sometimes, they drag their feet when it is time to go home because they dread to face the basic housekeeping horrors and domestic disputes waiting for them on the welcome mat.

And that is why to nip this problem in the bud and solve the predicament before it snowballs into something more threatening and perilous, homeowners should shower their respective and hard-earned domicile with tender love and care. Instead of going for tacky, cheap and substandard tiles when renovating the patio, people should consider using composite timber decking material for their home improvement needs. Here are other tips and pieces of advice for homeowners who want to turn their ordinary houses into something special and soothing that will shelter and embrace them at the end of a hard day. Continue reading “Build Your Own Slice of Heaven from the Ground Up”

Ceramic Tile Guide

One of the utmost consideration given attention to by homeowners is the quality of materials they will be using in their homes during renovations or during the first phases of its building.

Then most delicate among others would be the materials or pieces to be used to cover floor or sinks. One material that has already gained its popularity with Do-it-Yourself individuals or professional home makeover experts is the ceramic tiles.

Regardless, it seems that many people still do not know how to classify one from the other and they do not know exactly which they would need.

Let us first focus on one kind which is the ceramic. This type of tile is made of natural materials such as sand and clay and when solid, fired in a kin and molded into any shapes. They can either be glazed or not. Nonetheless, the glazed ceramic tiles China a common favourite.

Now, why should you choose this kind over others?

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Types Of Online Marketing

We are exposed to different forms of advertising everyday of our lives. We see lot of companies and businesses promoting their products. It is already human nature that we get easily swayed by the advertisements that we see and we suddenly have an urge to buy their products especially if it is endorsed by a celebrity that we admire. Let us say for example we are at home and we are glued on the TV and suddenly see a burger being advertised on TV and it is from a popular fast food chain and we see the delectable burger and suddenly we are craving for that burger. The next thing that we do is pick up our phones and call the fast food chain and place our order immediately. That is how powerful advertisements are when it comes to convincing us buy our product.

Another scenario to prove how powerful these ads are when it comes to influencing our purchasing power is when we are looking for something on the internet. Let us say for example you are looking for a the best restaurant in town, the next thing we do is open our mobile phones and type in the keywords “best restaurants in Singapore” in Google and boom, we see a lot restaurants on the page but what interests us the most would be the name of the restaurant that is on top of the results page. The name of the restaurant did not just land there but it is because the owner of the restaurant might have hired the services of and SEO agency for them to promote their restaurant in Singapore. So what is an SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the name given to an activity that attempts to improve the search and engine rankings. Experts say that it is the simple activity of ensuring the website of your company or business can be found in the search engines for words or phrases that is relevant to the website. Continue reading “Types Of Online Marketing”

Product Review: ChattyFeet Socks

Monday Socks!


Chatty Feet Image

I recently received a set of 4 pairs of socks by ChattyFeet, and I am in awe of how different these socks are. Now I must say I am usually not a fan of colourful socks. You will usually see my feet bundled up in good old monochrome socks, but all that has changed since I laid my eyes on Venus, Sandy, Miko and La Diva; those are the names of the socks just incase you were wondering what I am on about, lol.

Me receiving this funky colourful pair of socks has opened my eyes to the beauty and fun in wearing colourful socks. I love the colourful and funny designs, and the fact that they have names is the coolest part of it. Life is too short to wear boring socks, so I am going to wear the life out of my playful ChattyFeet socks.

Here is what

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Top Ideas For Outdoor Parties

Ready the Tools and Equipment Needed: Must you rent some outdoor umbrella, chairs, and tables, do it as soon as you completed your guests’ list and invites so you can pretty much estimate the number of pax that will grace your event.

Hosting an outdoor party is very exciting and is filled with great possibilities—and little can be said in comparison to an indoor one where your guests are limited to mingle,  perhaps in the dining or living room areas only.

As the natural space outside becomes a blank canvas of opportunities to paint beautiful memories, endless ideas can be poured in planning the outdoor party you have in mind. Take this chance to prep your backyard with some lovely trappings and decors—and imagine your guests also take their time to appreciate the scenery and the fresh air outdoor. Just the thought of it gives you beautiful visions of your friends and families filled with laughter and lively spirits as everyone enjoys a day with the sun, right? Here are more ideas and some reminders for the outdoor party you have been dying to throw for your loved ones.

  • Unleash Your Crafty and Creative Side: Have a theme in mind and from there, begin to visualize and list the little pieces of details that would make up the whole outdoor party. You need a piñata for a child’s birthday? Make one. There are a lot of DIY now on youtube to help you through.  Since this is an outdoor party and you’d be probably taking everyone in the garden area, make sure your flowers and greeneries are well arranged too. Take out those fresh cuttings out of art colored papers, cartolinas, felt papers, etc to decorate the place. Don’t forget to print a good banner that will serve as a welcome signage to your guests. Balloons are always a good idea too especially if this is an event to celebrate someone’s success or simply if someone turned a year older. Whatever it is, make sure you let your creativity be put into practice as you make this outdoor party your best one to date.

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Tofu and Salsa? Why not!

Do you like tofu? I’ve always loved the stuff! Even as a child, I was that weird kid ordering it in restaurants and sneaking cold cubes of it off the cutting board as my Dad prepared dinner… Of course, back then (at least according to my Dad) tofu was just for Chinese food… and hippies 😜

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