Tips for Choosing Crystal Trophy Design


Trophies have long been used to express gratitude and praise for a stellar performance. Be it in competitions or among employees, trophies make recipients feel valued and appreciated for their hard work. The team distributing the awards, on the other hand, show how much they recognize a person’s contribution. This is also one way to motivate more people to perform better.

Since every trophy is special, it’s only fitting for its design and overall appearance to exude elegance. You’ll have to decide on the look you want for the crystal trophy you’re giving away.  You don’t have to start from scratch as suppliers usually already have a product catalogue you can look into. All you need to do is choose from the available designs, but if you want you can as well have yours customized. Works better if you want your recipien to s feel all the more special.

Here are tips in choosing designs for crystal trophies.


Make it unique. Take a look at usual trophy designs and even those you have given away in the past. You might want to eliminate these trophy designs from your options and choose one you haven’t seen elsewhere. You want your recipient to feel that their plaque is one of a kind. Check out designs that can be connected to your brand or the type of award you’re giving out. Look into customisation options available as well. You can go for a colored trophy, for instance, if you have never tried it before.

Choose fonts that stand out and are readable. You’ll want the person receiving their award see their name right away. Hence, it’s best to avoid too fancy fonts that will be challenging to read. You may want to consult a graphic designer or at least your team members if you’re unsure which font styles work best together. Do ask the trophy supplier too if they only have particular fonts they can use in engraving the trophy. Limit the font styles you’re choosing to achieve a cohesive design that’s easy on the eyes. Here, you can take cues from sample designs or trophies that you’ve used in the past. Continue reading “Tips for Choosing Crystal Trophy Design”


Benefits of Using Carpet Flooring for Your Home


Are you thinking whether or not to use carpet flooring for your home? Many homeowners set aside using carpet as they’re concerned about the price. While there is the impression that carpets are costly, truth is you can have one that fits your budget and earn savings in the long-run. After all, quality carpets are good investments. They should last you for many years. Ask people you know who use carpet flooring for their home in Singapore. But before that, check out these list of benefits that carpets let you enjoy.

Improving the appearance of your home. Does your home look colorless or lifeless? Are you hesitant about adding a pop of colour in particular areas of your home as it may take time and money to remove? Using carpet will allow you the opportunity to experiment with colours and designs. If you want to add colour to a room that uses neutral tones, for example, then you can let your carpet do the job for you. Carpets can be moved from one room to another or replaced with ease. You can change the look of a room without undergoing major renovations. You won’t even have to hire a contractor. Whatever theme you would like achieved, using carpets can help.


Choosing from the wide variety of styles available. You’ll have a ton of options if you need a carpet. Carpets available in Singapore come in various shapes, sizes, and heights. If you can’t decide which one to select, you can work with your carpet supplier to help you find the best option. You only need to provide specifications along with other concerns you may have, say kids or pets, and the sales representative can help narrow down your choices. You can as well advise the team if you’re working on a particular budget so they can show you around possible choices, of course without compromising function and style. Continue reading “Benefits of Using Carpet Flooring for Your Home”

Tips for Choosing a New Calling App for International Calls

Mobile Phones 2

Mobile phones are no longer a luxury today. They’re a daily necessity as they connect you with your loved ones, wherever you may be. Calling is one of the major functions of a mobile phone. However, this simple task can be costly if you don’t monitor your usage.

Thankfully, you can now use a calling app to talk to anyone on your network without spending more than your budget will allow. Since you’ll find several options in app stores, how do you know which one to trust and use for the long-term? Should you also try apps that you have not heard before?

Why Try Newer or Less Heard About Calling Apps?

The advantage of using popular apps is that you have several people to ask about their personal experience. You’ll also find a ton of reviews online. This doesn’t mean, though, that newer or less known options are also less effective. Since your goal is to make more calls without increasing call expenses, you need to look into the features of the app first.

Apps for local or international calling usually require the person you’re trying to reach to be online. This can be frustrating especially if your call is urgent. You can’t guarantee that your contacts will always be connected to the Internet all the time, more so ensure that important people always have their mobile data on. This means that you will not be able to maximize use of a calling app if the persons you usually contact are not regularly online. Continue reading “Tips for Choosing a New Calling App for International Calls”

Do’s and Dont’s of Corporate Gift-Giving


Choosing the right corporate gifts to fellow employees, business partners, superiors, and loyal clients and patrons may not be as simple as purchasing personal gifts for family and friends. There are rules and certain corporate policies that you should be mindful of upon selecting the appropriate corporate gift to your chosen recipient. “Gift giving is an ancient trend that has now penetrated the corporate world. Businesses use this tactic in many different ways for many different purposes. For example, promotional gifts are given to prospective customers in events like exhibitions, trade shows and others to spread out the message and loyalty gifts are given to existing and long term customers as well as to hard working employees as a token of appreciation…However, you should follow the guideline to maximize the positive impact of your gifts,” wrote an unnamed online writer of


Here are some of the Do’s and Don’t’s that are observed by a responsible and knowledgeable corporate gift giver:



Do: Give healthy food package like organic fruits assembled beautifully on a basket with a transparent plastic and ribbon to your colleagues, customers, or bosses. Such gifts are good as it shows how concerned you are that your gift recipients stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t: Give too much sweets and perishables like cakes, candies, cookies with chocolates especially if the person you are gifting have a diabetic condition. Always find out first if the recipient may find your present more harming than beneficial.


Do: Give travel knick knacks like perhaps figurines, keepsakes, key chains, photo frames etcetera bought from a recent trip overseas. It can be a display item of Eifel tower you got from a gift shop during your trip in Paris or a coin bank shaped like a red London telephone while you were in England or maybe a small geisha doll figure from your travel to Japan. This gift idea is good for people who also like to travel. Know if the certain person you are giving the gift to is fascinated to a certain country or culture and choose which of your knick knacks he/she will appreciate the most. For all you know, the person is a silent travel items collector too.


 Don’t: Give religious and cultural items that may offend the receiver. For instance, your boss may be a Jew or a Muslim so giving him or her a rosary or other well-identified religious icons like a cross or a figure of a saint may not something that he or she will appreciate as the person’s own religious group avoid venerating other religious or cultural items. Be very sensitive about this matter because there are people who are very protective of their own faith.


Do: Give gift certificate or gift cheque of a coffee shop, bookstore, boutique, or grocery store. Sometimes certificates and gift cheques are preferred so the person can freely buy the item of his or her choice. This way, it would be less of a burden on your part to pick out an item that the recipient may or may not use anyway.

Don’t: Give cash. It is quite frowned upon in the corporate world to give cold green cash as this may be seen as a way to bribe or use the cash gift to leverage one’s position in the company. While this is not explicitly prohibited, it is simply unprofessional let alone unethical to give anyone cash as a corporate gift—unless you are the CEO of the company who gives the cash as a form of a salary bonus to your employee.


Do: Wrap your corporate gift with an artistic touch. Go splurge on a beautiful wrapper and a colourful ribbon. This gives an element of excitement and heightens the sense of surprise to anyone to receive the gift. Also, do not forget to write a personal note along with the beautifully wrapped gift.

Don’t: Give your gift unwrapped or distastefully and clumsily covered. An unwrapped gift seems to mean you do not care enough to put an effort to wrap the chosen gift and it is like saying “you are not that special anyway and I am just being polite”. The same might be said with gifts that were wrapped without aesthetics and hideously.  With that we mean wrapping the gifts with scotch tape visible on the outside, wrapper edges cut oddly, or recycled wrappers with crumples and visible dirt. Make sure you wrap the gift neatly.  If the person you are giving the gift to is a superior, we suggest to do away from newspaper wrappings, too,  as it silently implies that you seem to be too frugal to buy a decent cover.

Have a Smashing Time in These Sweet Spots in Singapore


Because they are too caught up in their own careers due to the undeniable fact they want to reach the top of the corporate ladder, taste the sweet pinnacle of success, pad their bank accounts with gobs of cash and live the dream life in the best beach bar in Singapore, a lot of people are stressed out and are in dire need of a big break. With their personal concerns, professional worries and an assortment of problems in life weighing them down, these overworked people are on the brink of breaking down physically, emotionally and psychologically. And the worst part of it all is they neglect to spend time and have a close relationship with their friends and family and this goes especially true for parents who find themselves drifting away from their wayward and misled children because they rarely talk anymore.

If such is the case, they need to drop everything on their plate, take a few days off from work, pack up their bags and take a well-deserved vacation so that they reconnect with their loved ones, catch up on each other’s lives and strengthen the tie that binds each and every one. But instead of visiting Paris to go on boring guided tours in old museums and art galleries or going to the desolate deserts of Africa where there is a great chance of getting mauled and eaten by wild animals, they can go to Singapore where the fun never stops and everybody can have the time of their life. Continue reading “Have a Smashing Time in These Sweet Spots in Singapore”

Transforming House into Home

Interior design

In a world of innovation and progress that we are living, most of us don’t want to be left behind. There are certain aspects of our lives that we are eager to upgrade, level up or intensify. Sometimes these goals can make us stressed, exhausted and burned out, which we unintentionally bring along when we go to our houses, and as we go to sleep at night, we just wake up in the morning just to do the same thing, and that is to work hard for better possibilities. But what if your house can make a difference? Instead of having a house, why not turn it into a home? Where you could relax, refresh and unwind, most of all, where you can escape from the chains of the outside world.

Some of us think that when a house looks good outside, the inside is as much as the same, but just like human beings, appearance can be deceiving. Some houses look good on the outside but the inside might be unpleasing. The question is, is your house a place where your eyes can be pleased, can make your mind meditate and can make you feel that you are at home? If it’s not, then why not try to make it better.

In Singapore, there are interior design companies that can definitely make you feel at home than just going to your house. They value the meaning of what is inside more than what you could think of the outside. Not only that, they also provide one of the best interior designs in the country, where your house can have a make-over, turning something good into something better you couldn’t ever think of. Continue reading “Transforming House into Home”