Rituals and Traditions of a Buddhist Funeral

Buddhist funerals is one of the different types of funerals in Singapore. It is unique and special because death is regarded as a very important period for a Buddhist.

Buddhists believe that death is a transition period for the deceased for his rebirth (the cycle called samsara), and that the next life is determined by the actions of the person in this life. By freeing oneself from worldly notions and desires, the reincarnations is believed to bring the deceased closer to nirvana, the complete spiritual enlightenment. With this, Buddhist funerals are celebrated with the credence that the soul of the dead ascends from the body and not merely death in its essence.

Dealing with the body

With the belief that the soul does not leave right after a person stops breathing, the body of the deceased should not be touched right after the person stops breathing. It should be downright cold until the body can be prepared for either the burial or the cremation. Clothing should be what the deceased wears on a day to day basis and nothing fancy or extravagant.

Burial or Cremation?

Although land burials are accepted in Buddhist funerals, majority still prefer cremation, following the example set by the Buddha. Monks and family members may be present during the cremation to lead the chanting. The cremated remains may be scattered or kept in an urn, depending on the family’s discretion. In some countries, cremation may take place in an open pyre but local crematoriums have become more convenient and widely available these days.

Buddhist Funeral

In tradition, Buddhists memorial services are held on third, seventh, forty-ninth, and one-hundredth day after the death, but can be adjusted depending on the family’s availability. It can be held at the deceased’s home or in a monastery, and the family has the freedom to decide whether it is an intimate service comprised of family members only or if other members of the community may participate.


Buddhist Wake

Should there be a wake, the room should be serene and the body must be in the simplest casket which should remain open for the length of the service. An altar may also be setup which can have Buddha’s image along with other items such as candles, flowers, and fruits. Monks may perform chanting during the wake and perform the last rite which takes place in the morning before the interment. It is after the ritual that the body is buried or cremated.

Buddhist Funeral Service

Buddhist funeral services in Singapore are made easily available but one should take extra caution in selecting the right people to take care of such an important religious event. Funeral services may take in various forms–a service prior the burial, prior the cremation, or after the cremation. A Buddhist funeral, if anything, is the last place for unnecessary display of wealth. The funeral service should maintain simplicity, solemnity, and dignity.

Buddhist funeral services in Singapore are made available for those who need people to rely in ensuring that the needs are well-taken care of. There are also other funeral services near Singapore who have established an expertise in Buddhist funerals who can provide a comprehensive Buddhist funeral and bereavement services.


Travel Packages for the Golf Fanatic

To most people, golf is a rich man’s game. This bias or misconception is perhaps largely the reason why the sports is misunderstood and unappreciated by the general public. Of course, golf can be pretty expensive but it does not mean it has nothing to offer for the cost.

Golf is considered one of the more relaxing outdoor sports. Bordering borders between a hobby and a competitive event, golf involves a lot of walking a lot of walking. It does require skills in fact a golf stoke requires as much form and force as tennis and baseball swing and requires a lot of practice to perfect. But the more important physical dimension of the golf is the walking across vast acres of the golf course. This provides healthy experience of slow walks which is good for the heart in addition to exposure to the sunlight which is generally good for the body. It is also arguably one of the safest sports due to the absence of any form of physical contact instead it requires concentration which is a good mental conditioning exercise not to mention a healthy psychological reprieve from busy and noisy ever day routines.

Recently too, a number of golf tour packages have extended the benefits of the sports. In Singapore, these golf travel packages are not exclusive for golf enthusiasts only but is actually offered to beginners whether as individuals or groups.

On the surface, these golf travel packages offer a chance for recreational tours along with the chance to play the more soothing sports. Various golf holiday packages in Singapore are in destinations like Melbourne and Queensland Australia which are known for their hinterlands and theme parks that offer alternative ecologies. Golf travel packages to Bali, Phuket, and even Miami offers side trips to the most exotic and exquisite beaches and seafronts in the world. European golf travel packages of on the other hand offers opportunities to visit some of the most important historical and most scenic views in the world including those in Rome, Italy and Greece.

But why avail of golf travel packages when you can access regular tourist packages and get to these places anyway?

Well, golf holiday packages in Singapore are generally coordinated with golf clubs and some of the finest hotels and golf courses in the world which is why most golf tour packages offer accommodations and dining in among the top hotels and restaurants in any country.  These may seem like costly packages but then golf holiday packages are rare value-for-money travel deals.

Considering the cost of playing on golf ranges in addition to costs of travelling to top tourist destinations around the globe, staying in high-end hotels and dining in among the finest restaurants in the world, the cost of golf trip packages is well worth the price especially since some of these deals may be otherwise inaccessible to the general public or unavailable in regular tour packages.

Still, in order to the make the most of these golf trip packages, it is important to research not just about the travel agency, the destination, hotel or restaurant of your preference but more importantly about golf itself. Since the most important component of a golf holiday package is the chance to play golf, it is important to know the tournaments, golf clubs, golf courses, equipment, golf shops in the country as well as the kind of golf culture there.  How else can you make the most of a golf travel package but to enjoy both the travel and the playing?

The Benefit of IT Maintenance

We have already talked about how much businesses and even individuals at this point in time rely on technology. With the different inventions and developments, we were able to do things faster, simpler, and in a more convenient manner.


Thus, we have set up businesses in which the core are produced via computers and the data are stored in systemic networks.

By using this type of technology, we are able to ensure safekeeping of information, especially those that are confidential, and we are also enabled when it comes to faster retrieval.


Now, imagine how much of our daily operation is dependent on our computers. You can just realise how such a disturbance it would be if ever a system downtime would occur, right? Well, that is one terrible scenario. That is why a regular IT maintenance is a solid must!


When we talk about maintaining the IT systems, it is not only referring to the physical parts of a network or computer system. Sure, taking care of the hardware is part of it. In addition to that, trouble checking of any pieces, too using manual procedures.


This may include checking a cable, making sure a certain setting is ticked on, ensuring that cables and wires are at the right places. Or simply, the network connection itself is enabled. These are procedures that requires a switch. These are checking procedures that no longer needs high tech specialty and can be performed even by non IT professionals. Yes, indeed, that sounds really easy.


However, we cannot also deny the reality that a computer network is bigger than that. There is an Internet system or a data structure behind it. This is more than the software we already now. These networks are not just the connection within the office, but can also mean the connection of the whole business system.


We can look at it this way: there is this huge clout of information you have: employee records, business records, trend reports, and anything that may be crucial to operations. This soft data are stored in that network. Hence, this network must be protected at all times. It must be hack resistant and virus resistant. Moreover, as the number of people that rely on this system expands, so does the demand for cyber space. Hence, these networks need to be updated every now and then. Or else, the systems gets clogged and the work becomes inefficient.


So, what do you do? This is no longer a simple cases of on and off. This is a type of monitoring that requires the help of an IT maintenance company.


Some businesses are afraid that if they do hire IT professionals, their budget may be compromised. Well, that is considerable. However, the Internet and the computer network is so complicated they need to be checked all the time. If not, the amount of data that would belost should there be  a system down time would be greater than the actual cost of a system repair or maintenance.


Basic Things To Know About Electronics

Electronics: just the mere mention of it seems like a risk is always on the line and there seems to be something too masculine about it that women are often repelled by the idea of learning more about electronics stuff.

Myra Kaleb, 29, from Singapore, who just started to learn about assembling electronic items, shared what piqued her interest when her husband started talking about apex connector and eao switches with her a couple of years back, “It started when I was venting about how rusty our home switches have become that I had to buy special aerosol cleaning products myself to fix them. Then my husband started sharing about some handy man skills that I would have never learned anywhere else, not in a million years. He started blurting words like pcbs, resistors, semiconductor chips, eao switches apex connectors,  etcetera, and even showed me clips that he also present to his small electronics and communication class in a community college where he is an instructor. I figured, why not learn a thing or two and try doing simple electronic experimentation myself.” 

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The Importance Of Having An Insurance

Getting insurance nowadays is very important, one person must at least have a life insurance just to secure your retirement. Almost everything can be insured now;  we have travel insurance, health insurance, car insurance and even a motorbike insurance. Insurance companies offer different types of insurance which is also very important. They have different packages and policies that one can take advantage of especially hobbyists who would want to insure their most prized possession. Some people would even have motor cycle insurance for their motorbikes especially if it’s a high end motorbike.

So with all these types of insurance, how can one look for the best policy that would fit their needs? I mean we all have the choice to look for the best policy that we think would work best for us. Experts say that it would be best if you get as many insurance quotations as you can get. This will give you varied choices and you will also have the chance to compare the different policies that they offer. This will also give you the chance of getting to know any restrictions per policy. Once you get these quotations, it would be best that you will make a list of all the benefits that you can get from each policy. You just need to list down all the pros and cons of getting a certain policy. These will also help you determine how much will you be paying per policy.  Continue reading “The Importance Of Having An Insurance”

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Every once in a while it occurs to me that many people know me via my blog, but not much more! I would love love love it if you left a random fact about you in the comments below; there are so many of you that I know via your blogs as well, and I love our virtual community! So, to kick off the random fact party, I’ll share a few! I’ll spare the I ❤ fashion fact, because you all already know that.

I love to read. When I was a kid, my parents read to us nightly and always brought us on trips to the library and the bookstore, which I think created a strong love of books in me. Used bookstores and libraries are probably some of my most favorite places on Earth.

I love label makers. I will label just about anything and everything. My closet…

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Influences from Bharat

What an Amazing World!

Karimeen Fry in Kerala, India

Chapter 5, Part 3

At a heritage house in Kumarakom on the bank of Vembanad Lake, a part of Kerala’s iconic backwaters, I discovered one of the biggest surprises during the Spice Odyssey. On the day James and I arrived, we were served several dishes for lunch, including two or three types of curries and two fried fish encrusted with appetizing gold layer, a telltale sign of the amount of spices used to season them. As I savored the fish, familiar flavors burst in my mouth, reminiscent of my mother’s own version of fried freshwater fish. More than 4,000 km from where she lives, her cooking somehow followed me all the way to this corner of southern India.

This coincidence, however, shouldn’t have come as a surprise as relations had long been established between the peoples of southern India and their counterparts in…

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