Outstanding Outdoor Activities Before the End of Summer

Perseverant and diligent people strive for near perfection in their respective professions because they want to push themselves past their limits, go over and beyond the call of duty and live up to the expectations of other people around them as they trudge forward to reach their loftiest goals and biggest dreams in life. These hardworking workhorses are more than willing to go to hell and back just to fulfil their professional duties, responsibilities and obligations in the workplace because they want to reach the peak of success and enjoy the fruits of their labour while they still have the strength, energy, time and youth to do so. And that is why every weekend, a lot of people go to Singapore and visit the local tackle shop every weekend so that they can sharpen their skills and catch the fish of a lifetime that will look good on their dens over the mantle or the fireplace.

Aside from browsing through the Internet, doing their research as they look for the best deals and visiting the most trusted and world-renowned online fishing shop in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries like Japan and Thailand, there are a lot of different ways to enjoy the great outdoors before the summer season officially ends. There are a lot of people who are sick and tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life and that is why they want a breath of fresh air figuratively and literally as they visit rural areas, provinces and the countryside to get away from the concrete jungle. Here are some activities that they can try out while the sun is still shining brightly and the weather is as sweet as fresh honey from the beehive.

Camp Out and Sleep Under the Stars

                Pitching their tents, singing around the campfire and gazing at the millions of shining stars from up above is such a mesmerizing experience especially for young kids who have been stuck inside their condominium units and tiny apartments all their life. They just need to make sure that they pack everything that they need like food, potable water, first-aid kits, insect repellent and what not because they do not want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere while running low on supplies.



Bring Out the Big Guns for the Thrill of the Hunt

                Testosterone-filled men who want to enjoy the thrill of the hunt and indulge their primal instincts to hunt and kill can bring out their sniper rifles, shotguns and small arms so that they can showcase their skills to their best buddies. Aside from hunting big game like deer, wolves, bears and moose, they can also cast their lines from the shore or from their boat so that they can fish for trout, bass, salmon or pike on lakes and rivers.

Get Sunburnt on the Beach

                And as for those who just want to chill out and relax, they can hit the beach with their friends and family because there are tons of fun activities for the whole family down there. Young children can build sand castles and collect sea shells while adults can try out surfing, deep sea diving, snorkelling and even spear fishing.

Advantages of cloud services

In this technologically advanced era, most of us rely on the technology and innovation of the devices that we use daily. For instance, we now save photos to our computers, and even cloud services and storage instead of making a physical album for it. We have been relying a lot on technology for the past several years and it does not seem that it is going to chance. This does not only apply to end users of different technological platforms, but also to its developers. Just like how servers work in terms of managing a website or application. The developers and administrators of these applications now have the option to set up a cloud server, which basically serves as the server of the application and instead of running in a local computer, it is actually hosted by several computers that are connected in the same cloud network. This process is commonly known as cloud computing, where all data storage, reading, writing and manipulation are done through a virtual network which is hosted by a cloud company. Here are the advantages of cloud services that many people benefit from:


Accessibility – The ability to access your documents, pictures, videos, notes, and other type of files you store digitally almost anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you can easily retrieve the files that you need, save a couple of documents and access them later at home or at work. What is better is that you can even use a different device to access them. You do not have to always bring your laptop with you to get things done, since you can use a different computer to read the files that you have actually saved.


Reliability – When it comes to storage, a lot of us had benefit from using different hardware such as USB flash drives, external hard disks and even memory cards. But once a bad sector on a hard drive occurs, or let us say that your flash drive is lost or your memory card gets damaged, then it would pretty much be impossible to recover all of your files. But for cloud storage, even if your computer breaks down, your laptop stops working, and you just lost your phone, you still have all of your files stored in the cloud network.


Cost efficient – When it comes to cloud servers, it is relatively much cheaper and affordable compared to setting up a server computer that can store all your data locally. While for cloud storage, there are many companies and organizations that provide free storage services. But if you will be needing more storage, you can buy more data allocation for a very cheap price. The same can seen on cloud gaming. Instead of constantly upgrading your desktop computer to run the latest programs and games, you can just turn to cloud gaming where other computers in the cloud network actually run the game for you and you stream and play it remotely. Such service can save you thousands of dollars in terms of hardware upgrades.

Things to Remember When Booking a Hotel

If you are looking for the best hotel where you can stay during a vacation or a business trip, you definitely have to do your research. With so many hotels to choose from, it can be overwhelming and confusing which hotel you should book. Below are some of the things you need to do when choosing and booking a hotel room for your trip or vacation.

Read reviews

After you look at the websites of different hotels, you might come up with your top choices. It is important to read reviews and check the ratings of these hotels before deciding where you should book. This is very important especially if it will be your first time to stay at a hotel near orchard road in Singapore. Find out if the past guests of your prospect hotels are happy during their stay and if they are satisfied with the services of the hotel. Keep in mind that you will spend your money to book a hotel and you don’t want to get disappointed or regret your choice.

Search for promos

Most hotels are offering promos to their guests. There are discounts and offers for several categories such as dining experience, meeting and event, weddings, and other special occasions such as graduation, prom night, and birthdays. The offers are usually stated at the hotel’s website so do not forget to check the Singapore hotel promotion that will suit for you. The promos will definitely save you a lot of money and will guarantee that you will receive the best deal. Although there are some vouchers and offers that you can find from other websites, it is better if you get the deals from the hotel itself so you can ensure that it is legit.

Book early

As soon as you know the date when you will have the business trip or when you will be spending your vacation, it is better if you find a hotel immediately and book a room where you can stay. It is true that you can book last minute but there are instances that the hotels are already fully booked. You wouldn’t want to stress about finding another hotel or booking a room that is not what you really wanted just because you booked late. Booking early is very necessary especially during vacation or holiday season so you have to decide early and find the best hotel where you can stay for days or week.

Double check the details

Booking for a hotel room would need to take a lot of time and effort because you can do it online. It is a very convenient way that makes the transaction hassle-free.  You just have to choose the dates when you will be checking in at the hotel and when you will be leaving, how many adult and children that will be staying, how many rooms you need, choose what type of room do you prefer, and what additional services that you want to be included. After that you will fill up a reservation form and enter your details such as your contact details. It is an easy and fast process but there are some people who tend to book on wrong dates or entering wrong contact details. It is the reason why you need to double check the details yo

Honoring the Unsung Heroes for their Bravery

In this modern day and age, there are different reasons why people get out of bed, endure the gnarly and heavy traffic of their daily commute and work themselves hard to the bone. The single people and young professionals devote themselves to their careers because they want to reach the peak of success at an early age and enjoy the finer things in life like designer clothes, technological gizmos, expensive jewelry and blazing fast sports cars from the makers of Lamborghini, Porsche and Ferrari. On the flipside of the coin, dutiful and loving parents devote their entire beings in providing a comfortable life for their family, keeping their loved ones safe from harm and securing the future of their young children by giving them everything they need including quality education in expensive schools.

And then there are brave men who enlist in the armed forces selflessly because of their unconditional love and tireless devotion to their country as they fight for the freedom of their fellowmen and spill blood, sweat and tears to protect their nation. But the cold reality and harsh truth of life is thousands of these brave soldiers die in the line of duty and are brought home in a casket thanks to the repatriation services offered by companies in Singapore and other countries around the world. Aside from giving them full military honors, a folded flag and a 21-gun salute at their funeral, these unsung heroes deserve so much more for their bravery and service rendered for their country.

Here are some ways that we can help these fallen soldiers and give them what they are due and not just the repatriation of their deceased body when they run out of luck and meet their untimely demise while on duty.

Take Care of their Families                      

                These soldiers are the breadwinners of their families and when they bite the dust and go to the great gig in the sky, their wives become widows and their children are turned into quasi-orphans. With that said, the government should take care of their families in case they die in the line of active duty by giving their significant other their paychecks for the rest of their lives. Aside from monetary compensation, they should also put their children through good schools so that they can enjoy quality education from kindergarten to college.

Start a Foundation in their Honor

                Statues and medals are nice but if government officials and the top brass of the armed forces really want to immortalize and honor the memory of their fallen brethren, they can start a foundation or other charitable organizations in their honor.

Give the Vets What They Deserve

                Veterans have given their life and so much more for their country but sadly, some of them are not given the respect, recognition and compensation that they deserve. Instead of treating them like senile, old men and second-class citizens because of their mental and physical health or well-being, it is about time that we give these war veterans and unsung heroes what they need and deserve as payment for their service and bravery.

Funeral Services are Worth It

When someone dies, it is never easy to adjust to the situation. There are always issues that need to be resolved such as the funeral services. Singapore funeral services are available by whatever terms you want them to do. In Singapore, we know that there are various religions existing that is why funeral services already have orientation that they are supposed to give such services depending on the religion of the deceased or the wishes and tradition of the bereaved family.

Most Singaporeans are Chinese by blood and there is a big population of Taoist in the country. As a widely known religion, culture and tradition, Taoist funeral services in Singapore are commonly practiced. There have been a lot of times that this service has been availed of by residents there that is why funeral services are very used to this kind of service. There are also funeral services which purely provide for such only to Taoists, but most of them are of diverse nature. Sometimes their rituals may come differently but we have to respect every kind of tradition that we see around us.

In Singapore, there are several of them which can provide funeral services, Taoists ritual or not. You just have to search for them on a directory or online and compare their prices which one of them would fit your budget. You also have to check which one of them has the most reliable services and most available in town. It is not difficult to find them because they are all around the country and they are known because they are usually referred to by endorsement of a previous client. Through time these services also upgrade their procedures and services in order to competitive with other same businesses.

Most funeral services have also their own packages including needs for wake, the funeral rites itself and even the transportation of the remains. If there are special requests from the family, they can also be granted by the funeral home but may be subject to additional charges. These funeral services have different rates depending on the package that will be availed of. There are expensive coffins and wider rooms where the wake will be held. There are different rates also on the cremation process. Sometimes the wake after cremation would differ from the wake prior to cremation. All of these depends on the funeral services.

Regardless of the religion that you belong to, these services are very welcome to the fact that they have to deal with all sorts of religion, tradition or culture. With the length of time that they have been doing this, they already know what to expect and what to give to clients. Through time, they have dealt with different kinds of people with various religion therefore different rites. Sometimes, they are even the ones who will give advises to the bereaved family because in times of after death, family usually are having a hard time coping up, and therefore cannot decide on the wake and funeral decisions. One thing most appreciated with them is that they empathize with the surviving family even though they give the same services every day. They make sure that the services they give are utmost and are worth every client they have and they consider each and every client a new one therefore giving the best they can to each.

Understanding the benefits of Virtual Reality

Since the advent of the digital age, our way of living has certainly changed to a more virtual, and some would contend, impersonal manner. Who’s to say if this “virtuality” has been creating a great divide among people when all that has been done by these new revolutionary, technological breakthroughs throughout the years is to make everything faster and more convenient in almost all the aspects of people’s lives?

Social anthropologies Maya Tribianni-Nadal has explained the impact of virtual reality to people in the last 2 decades, “Decades and decades back, when we want to send a message to someone, we use snail mail and it takes days, weeks, or even months for the person to receive the letter. Imagine how far we have come along today. We just e-mail people now wherever they are and with just one click, the person can read the letter in just a matter of seconds. No more buying of stamps, or heading to the postal office, all you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and Bam! Not only that, people  date online to meet their mates. They can have a relationship despite the long distance and even get married afterwards just by constant skyping to get to know the person. No wonder, cross-cultural marriages are now very popular and common. Even the corporate world now rely of video chats when businesses conduct meetings and presentations. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, I say we live in a highly virtual world undeniably, 9 over 10. I say give it some more years and even students won’t need to go to schools for their classes. I think some open universities are doing that now. People even work from home now. Did I leave out anything else? Oh, you can even shop online now. To answer the question if this is good or bad, well, I say, it depends on how you accept the changes of the virtual world. Personally, I think, if you know the limits, the virtual change can be pretty advantageous. You just have to go with the flow and try not to miss out to enjoy all the luxuries that come with it.”

And virtual reality isn’t solely making its waves in the science and technology field, but even in the arts and music scene; it has paved the way for things to materialize.  For instance, in an article of Jeremy Torr, it was mentioned how vr and ar technology are now being explored in Singapore; it seems that the entertainment industry has been benefiting a  lot from it. “One of the hottest current buzzwords on the media scene is VR (virtual reality), along with its sibling AR (augmented reality). Both technologies are being enabled on increasing numbers of fixed and mobile platforms – just think Pokemon Go – and actively promoted by media pioneers across a raft of sectors. One of the industry’s new players in the VR entertainment scene is Singapore-based mm2 Asia. The company is an established producer of films and TV/online content, but recently ventured into the VR arena with a ground-breaking concert at Marina Bay Sands (MBS).The concert featured a variety of well-known Taiwanese and Singaporean artists including Dennis Sun, Kelly Poon and Kelvin Tan – but scored the distinction of being the first-ever 360 degree-immersive ‘live’ concert showcase broadcast from MBS.” The article of Torr was titled  Singapore pushes Virtual Reality boundaries posted at imda.gov.sg.


There’s more. It seems like VR technology will be enjoyed by kids today. “If VR has the potential to change the art and entertainment industries, it also has the potential to change the way children play. McDonalds’ introduction of the Happy Googles into the Happy Meal implies that VR headsets will soon become a popular toy for children, in the same way that the Bop It was so revolutionary many years ago. As parents, teachers and health professionals increasingly stress the importance of physical activity, we can only assume that tech companies will be finding clever ways to safely incorporate VR into physical activities,” wrote  Jon Lisi for livetiles.nyc in an article titled 3 Benefits of Virtual Reality

Even people in the medical field use virtual reality technologies to test their subject of study that are too risky to test with actual people The visual arts has also explored interactive means of creating artworks by using the philosophy of virtual technology. When we watch films, we are able to now enjoy 3D technology. And lastly, the virtual marketplace is also now promising, “Of the many advantages of virtual reality, this is perhaps a very interesting one. You can create virtual reality marketplaces. People can buy clothes, shoes, food, grocery and so much more by just wearing a headset and viewing them closely. They can observe them in three dimensions, choose them and look around as if they were actually standing in a store,” shared an anonymous writer of techtyche.com in the article10 Benefits of Virtual Reality.


Travel Abroad Won’t Be Possible Without Preparations

In travelling, you got to meet people nearly everywhere who has been lovely to you. Locals who are extremely proud of their food. I have got to taste the weirdest delicacies that never in my entire life would have thought I could be able to chew and swallow. Frog, crickets, and turtle to name a few. Don’t get me wrong, that’s one of the amazing things I would never want to forget, and this one thing I look forward to in every place. Food has a reflection of country’s cultural and political history.

Travelling gave me so many memories to remember, and my heart leaps with happiness every time I had a throwback. There’s a lot of beautiful places that is waiting to be known. This planet has overwhelming tourist spots to explore. However, being free to travel the world should be possible a lot of preparations, one way or another. With this said, here’s a few tips on what to prepare before travelling abroad.

Provide a checklist. We can’t memorize all the things you need in your travel at once, so if I were you better prepare a checklist. Writing down the list of things that I need to accomplish before travel on my little notebook, works for me. Gradually, I checked everything on the list and hasn’t left anything unchecked. My list isn’t arranged chronologically, though. I just listed them randomly, like buy new clothes, shoes, buy medicines,  going to the salon, and purchasing international calling cards for global calls.

Place your necessary documents in an envelope or bag. Your passport and itinerary are the most important thing that you need to ensure when you packed things. I usually placed them all together in a transparent plastic envelope. Plastic envelope, bag or any waterproof materials are a very good choice, as it prevents the documents to get wet. Also, just to make sure the documents are safe from any harm, you can have it scanned on your computer. This also ensures that you have extra copies in case of any loss.

Search about the place you are going to visit. Thanks to the internet, everything is available online even if it’s a million miles away. Travellers visit strange places. Places, more often than not, have different languages. I would suggest downloading an app that can you use to learn the local language. Research about their way of life and what are the things they have prohibited by law. Learning those things before hand can keep you safe during your travel – like getting a vaccine, for example, a malaria shot, in case you will be traveling to a less developed place. Also, by doing this, you are less afraid to mingle with the locals and have an interaction.

Make sure your gadgets are working. Get extra batteries for each and every gadget you have. You want your gadgets to be functioning all day. Since it is hard to find an outlet to charge your phone because you are always on the go, you have a backup. This would be a great help in case of emergency and your battery died.